We Provide Authentic CHamorro Flavors Passed Down from Generation to Generation

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Red Rice is a must-try. Our family has been here dozens of times, and everything is always cooked to perfection. A lot of our family is from out of state, and yet we always crave Red Rice and order from there every chance we get. Even during this pandemic; when we aren't allowed to dine-in, they have done everything to ensure a healthy, safe, and clean environment, and their friendly service still always makes us feel at home.

Heather N.

Red Rice is one of my favorite spots to eat at in Henderson! It's family owned and operated so please support your locals!!! Chris and his family will take care of you like their own and win your heart with their amazing cooking! If you haven't tried guamanian food, Red Rice will blow your mind! You'll catch yourself craving it at least a few times a week.

Andrea M.

Food made by people who love to
cook. It is a blessing, even for CHamorros, to taste everything in one place. Please try this wonderful restaurant. Meet the family and become a part of it. They do so much for their community and never stop cooking even when the restaurant is closed.  It's not fast food, quality takes time, and it's always worth the wait.

Jet F.